Four-Country Region around Lake Constance (Bodensee)

The four-country region around Lake Constance unites the potential of four prospering European countries: Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany: beautiful scenery, high economic capabilities and outstanding quality of life. It is an unique interplay in a flourishing region as to economy, tourism, culture, education and living. The Bodenseekreis district right in the centre of the four-country region is partner of the project from the beginning on.  

The regional brand four-country region has been brought to life by an Interreg-V project, supported by the European Union and the European fond for regional development aiming at a close cross-boarder cooperation in the region. More than 280 licensees - enterprises, institutions, communities - actually canvass for their products, services and professionals. The eye-catching logo is hereby a symbol for attractiveness in any aspect.

Amt für Kreisentwicklung und Baurecht

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