As a representative of a young generation with »two souls in one breast,» the Swiss- Indian artist Olga Titus has a very joyful and sensuous approach to the folk traditions of her heritages. In the video »Han äs Herzeli wie äs Vögeli« (I have a heart like a bird), Swiss folk culture and traditional Indian elements are combined in a hybrid remix in the style of a music video. Olga Titus performs the Swiss folksong »S’isch mer alles ei Ding« (It’s all the same to me), translated into Hindi and set to music in the Bollywood style.

Searching for her own youth between sari and apple blossom, Olga Titus creates an imaginary world that corresponds to her innermost essence.

Nicole Fritz curator,
(on the Work »Han äs Herzeli wie äs Vögeli«)