Lu Xu is originally from Guiyang, China, and has been studying and practicing art in the States for the last nine years. As an emerging artist, Lu has exhibited at Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Weatherspoon Museum of Art, NC, Elsewhere Museum, NC, Tapir Gallery, Berlin, and was a fellow artist at Franconia Sculpture Park, MN.
Lu Xu worked as the Director of Art Truck and the Curator of Gatewood Gallery at School of Art, UNCG. She received her BA in Public Finance from CUEB, in Beijing, BA in Fine Arts from NSU, SD, and MFA from UNCG.

Artist Statement:
The body stores one’s emotional history literally, as a tree records stresses from droughts and insect attacks. Almost every problem in the body could be traced back to a small or big trauma, from being scared by a pussy cat at age 4 to the loss of a loved one. Yet, we have been obsessed to the affirmation of the compartmentation of human bodies in the contemporary westernized societies across cultures.  
On one hand, I engage performances and sculptures to challenge the standard language in the mundane – they are usually physically tiring, time consuming, absurd, and impractical. On the other, I return to the wisdom of the body through the study of Buddhism and the investigation of ancient cultures – their mythologies, rituals, daily appliances, arts, and their wisdom of giving up control. Ultimately, my works invite people to reconstruct their own emotional maps in harmony, vitality, and poetry.