Patrick Healy was born in 1987 and raised in New Rochelle. There he experienced all the joys of growing up a middle class male in the suburbs of New York City, sustained on a healthy diet of consumerism, backyard antics, and crappy catering gigs. In 2009 he received his BFA from Alfred University with a concentration in sculpture, and has since worked at Salem Art Works, Mass MoCA, and most recently Union College where he was the Sculpture Technician. In the autumn Patrick will attend the University of North Carolina Greensboro in pursuit of his MFA in sculpture.

Artist Statement:
A well designed door should require no signage. Its discoverability and overall appearance should provide the user with enough evidence to indicate its function devoid of a PUSH or PULL sign. But what if that door exhibited a sign that read Flamingo Salad, Flaccid Monument, or Scent of Summer. My artwork investigates the intersection of the familiar and the phenomenal, the understated and the unsettling. I employ archetypal motifs and materials to elicit a bond between the viewer and the work, while out of place references and collaged imagery encourages the viewer to question that very bond. Much like a comedian exploiting humor as a catalyst for self-reflection and societal critique. Utilizing an array of materials and processes, my sculpture aims to create an experience in which the onlooker is presented with a new perspective on an otherwise banal object or situation.